Heavy Machinery & Industrial Equipment

On the one side the growing economies like India are driving the market for Manufacturing, IT, construction, mining, agricultural and material handling equipment and on the other side matured economies of NA and EU are looking for superior capabilities and quality in Engineering and Manufacturing domain at a reasonable cost. The market is looking for product innovation, product localization, shortened lead time to meet environment needs and stringent laws to offset ever increasing costs. Namal Team with it’s over two decades of experience and expertise across product lifecycle and product line is your preferred virtual design office. Namal’s offerings in the heavy engineering space span the entire manufacturing life-cycle. We boast of in-depth expertise across the entire scale of requirements of the heavy engineering industry including design, automation, engineering, analysis and product development. The solutions and services offered by Namal make it easier for manufacturers to introduce variations in the engineering designs while simultaneously concentrating on main core important issues of their engineering funtions. Your customers are demanding optimized equipment, equipment with more value in it. To stay ahead in the game, your customers are depending on you to cater to the needs of emerging markets while reducing production costs. Your shareholders are depending on you. That makes Namal your ideal virtual engineering office. We can help you optimize your product development life cycle to shorten the product launch time and reduce the overall cost. We know equipment. Construction equipment, farm and forestry equipment, mining and material handling equipment. And we have a thorough understanding of field application, emission norms compliance, and design and safety standards. So we can design engineering processes that offer higher efficiency across your new product development life cycle. Start to finish. Namal is a collaborative engineering partner with the experience to take complete ownership of the full cycle project. Whether you’re producing industrial tools or controllers, process equipment, or power distribution equipment, we can help you do it better. Namal has enough experience in engineering services with a proven track record of helping industrial equipment manufacturers optimize their operations. We offer ready-to- deploy solution frameworks for product design, value engineering, and sustenance engineering. So you can launch equipment with reduced life-cycle cost and improve predictability and reliability of product performance. All at an accelerated pace. Our team of multidisciplinary functional experts has a strong understanding of global standards, product field application, and local supply chain in emerging markets. So we can support you in designing customized and localized products at an optimized cost. No matter where you’re located.